• Shilpi Sinha Ray

    Shilpi Sinha Ray

  • Martin Chorzempa

    Martin Chorzempa

    Research Fellow @PIIE. China, Fintech, Renaissance, etc. All Medium posts are personal and are not associated with my employer

  • Alek Tarkowski

    Alek Tarkowski

    Head, Centrum Cyfrowe / Public Lead, Creative Commons Poland / Communia Association. Dealing with all things open, with a policy focus.

  • Adam Casals

    Adam Casals

    CEO, Senior Global Affairs Advisor, Author | Fmr Envoy of the Catalan Gov to Austria & Central Europe | Vienna · Geneva · Madrid · Barcelona | adamcasals.com

  • Giacomo Giraldo

    Giacomo Giraldo

  • Michelle Klieger

    Michelle Klieger

    I’m an economist by training, a nerd at heart, and now a writer.

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