Claudia Biancotti and Paolo Ciocca

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Policymakers around the world are finally looking for a way to mitigate the dangers inherent to large-scale data collection and AI use. Their decisions will affect more than the fate of a few firms. …

These days I am spending quite a lot of time writing about Libra as an economist — what are the implications for the financial system? What is likely to happen in emerging markets? Who will regulate what? And so on. …

Claudia Biancotti, Paolo Ciocca


Over the past few years, it has become apparent that a small number of technology companies have assembled detailed datasets on the characteristics, preferences, and behavior of billions of individuals. This concentration of data is at the root of a worrying power imbalance between…

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The growing number of California-based technology companies exploiting internet communications to reap billions in revenue recently led Gavin Newsom, the new state governor, to propose a seemingly attractive idea: Why not compensate consumers for providing the data that has made these companies rich? …

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Chinese technology firms have developed a variety of social media outlets in the last few years. Some are wildly popular at home, while failing to attract foreign users. This indifference outside of China changed in 2018, as a Chinese app similar to Instagram made the first…

Originally posted on the Peterson Institute for International Economics website.

Blockchain technology was first introduced in 2009 with the invention of bitcoin, a so-called cryptocurrency designed to facilitate an entirely peer-to-peer electronic monetary and payment system. …

Claudia Biancotti, Paolo Ciocca

Calls for regulation of big tech are getting louder and louder. This column argues that policy proposals should be evaluated through the lens of their impact on the evolution of artificial intelligence. It proposes a holistic framework that encompasses consumer control over data, competition in product markets, incentives to innovation, and implications for international trade. It also highlights the role played by major big tech companies, and the threat of data and artificial intelligence monopolisation.

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Claudia Biancotti

Economist at the Bank of Italy. Aging punk rocker. Knows that OTP has (at least) two meanings on the internet. Opinions expressed here are personal.

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